A metal M forms an oxide having the formula M2O3. It belings to the 3rd period.Write the atomic no. & the valency of the metal? Explain

Asked by debjyotisaha98 | 30th Jun, 2014, 12:13: PM

Expert Answer:


The metal forms an oxide of the formula M2O3.

Metal belongs to the 3rd period.

Therefore, the valency of the metal is 3. The elements with a valency of 3 belong to the 13th group of the periodic table. Thus, the given metal M belongs to the 13th group of the modern periodic table.

It is given that the element belongs to the third period of the periodic table. The element which belongs to the 3rd period and the 13th group of the periodic table is aluminium.

Hence the metal M is aluminium. Its atomic number is 13. Its electronic configuration is 2, 8, 3.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 30th Jun, 2014, 12:21: PM