A compressed spring has a tennis ball of mass 0.5 kg attached to it. The spring is then released which sends the ball moving on a horizontal surface, with a sped of 2m/s-1. What is the elastic energy of the compressed spring?

Asked by khushdab | 23rd Apr, 2020, 02:20: PM

Expert Answer:

When the spring is released all the potential energy stored in the compressed spring gets converted to kinetic energy. 
By using principle of consvervation of energy, 
Total energy = Potential energy + Kinetic energy 
P.E. = K.E. 
K. E. space equals space 1 half m v squared space
equals space 1 half cross times 0.5 space cross times open parentheses 2 close parentheses squared space
equals space 1 space J space

T h u s comma space
P. E. space equals space 1 space J 
Thus, the elastic potential energy when spring was compressed is 1 Joule. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 23rd Apr, 2020, 07:23: PM