A balloon initially at rest starts rising from the ground with an acceleration of 2m per square second. After 4seconds a stone is dropped from balloon .In one second of time after drop,the stone will cover a distance of (g=10 m per square second

Asked by namratas1 | 20th Jul, 2019, 08:52: PM

Expert Answer:

Speed v of balloon after t s,   v  =  u+a×t   , where u is intial speed which is zero and a is acceleration
hence speed of baloon after 4 s = 2×4 = 8 m/s
if stone is thrown from balloon after 4 s, initial speed of stone 8 m/s
distance travelled by stone in 1 s, S = ut-(1/2)gt2 = 8×1 - (1/2)×10×12 = 3 m

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 21st Jul, 2019, 12:06: PM

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