A and B appear in an interview for two vacancies in the same post. The probability of A's selection is 1/7 and that of B's selection is 1/5. Then the probability that none of them will be selected is.. (A) 22/34 (B) 24/35 (c) 27/37 (D) 28/37

Asked by coolameet08 | 18th Jun, 2010, 11:47: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student, following is the answer to your query:
P(A getting selected )=1/7
P(B getting selected)=1/5
P(A not getting selected)=1-1/7=6/7
P(B not getting selected)=1-1/5=4/5
P(neither B nor A are selected)=p(not A) x p(not B), as they are independent

Answered by  | 14th Jul, 2010, 04:17: PM

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