1. How much time is required for cow milk and packed milk to get spoilt?Which get spoilt earlier and why?
2.After fruits are cut how much time is required for their colour change?
3.Should Aluminium be used in place of iron to prevent losses due to rusting of iron?Write atleast 4 points each in favour and in against.

Asked by Kalita Padmanath | 9th Jul, 2015, 01:43: PM

Expert Answer:

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Answer to your 1st question:

Cow milk lasts for 5-7 days while packed milk lasts for 7-10 days if properly stored at required temperature. Cow milk will get spoiled early because it is not pasteurized.

 Answer to your 2nd question:

Colour change depends on various factors like temperature, humidity, sunlight, type of fruit. So the time for colour change vary because of above mentioned factors.

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Answered by Arvind Diwale | 10th Jul, 2015, 09:45: AM