Thu June 09, 2011 By: Akshita Jain

compare the rate of diffusion for the following- 1.a perfume spray 2.smell of vegetable curry (cold and hot) 3.water 4.tomato sauce 5.glycerine 6.a toothpaste 7.oil On the basis of - a.rate of diffusion b.effect of density and molecular weight on rate of diffusion c.effect of temperature on rate of diffusion

Expert Reply
Fri June 24, 2011
(a)Vegetable curry(hot)>Perfume spray>Vegetable curry(cold)>Water>Tomato sauce>Glycerine>Toothpaste
(b)On increasing density and molecular weight, rate of diffusion decreases.
(c)If temperature increases,rate of diffusion increases.
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