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What is the structural isomers of decane

Asked by tejasdd 29th January 2011, 12:24 PM
Answered by Expert
Dear Student
There will be about 75 isomers. Few are as follows:

  i.            Decane

 ii.            2- Methylnonane

 iii.            3-Methylnonane

iv.            4-Methylnonane

  v.            5-Methylnonane

  vi.            3-Ethyloctane

   vii.            4-Ethyloctane

   viii.            2,2-Dimethyloctane

   ix.            2,3-Dimethyloctane

    x.            2,4-Dimethyloctane

   xi.            2,5-Dimethyloctane

   xii.            2,6-Dimethyloctane

   xiii.            2,7-Dimethyloctane

   xiv.            3,3-Dimethyloctane

   xv.            3,4-Dimethyloctane

  xvi.            3,5-Dimethyloctane

  xvii.            3,6-Dimethyloctane

  xviii.            4,4-Dimethyloctane

  xix.            4,5-Dimethyloctane

  xx.            4-n-Propylheptane

   xxi.            4-Isopropylheptane

        xxii.            2-Methyl-3-ethylheptane

     xxiii.            2-Methyl-4-ethylheptane

      xxiv.            2-Methyl-5-ethylheptane

        xxv.            3-Methyl-3-ethylheptane


We hope that clarifies your query.
Answered by Expert 29th January 2011, 10:37 PM
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