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please answer this

Asked by Prashant DIGHE 3rd March 2020, 10:09 PM
Answered by Expert
Option (1) is correct.
Volume of container = 20 L
Temperature, t = 400 K
Pressure = 0.4 atm
The  given reaction is,
SrCO3(s)  rightwards harpoon over leftwards harpoon SrO(s)  + CO2(g) 
kp = 1.6 atm
PCO2 = 1.6 atm = Maximum pressure of CO2 
Volume of conatainer at this stage is;
PV space equals space nRT
straight V space equals nRT over straight P .....(1)
n = constant, as reaction was not at equilibrium.
straight n equals space PV over RT
straight n equals fraction numerator 0.4 cross times 20 over denominator RT end fraction  ....(2)
From eq(1) and (2)
straight V equals space open parentheses fraction numerator 0.4 cross times 20 over denominator RT end fraction close parentheses open parentheses fraction numerator RT over denominator 1.6 end fraction close parentheses

straight V space equals space 5 space straight L
The maximum volume of the container at maximum pressure is 5 L.
Answered by Expert 4th March 2020, 1:18 PM
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