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Maharashtra IX History and Political Science
Asked by Jaidensalvi 2nd July 2020, 12:24 PM
CBSE X Mathematics
Asked by indumallavelli05 2nd July 2020, 12:04 PM
CBSE XII Commerce Business Studies Part II
Q1 Maruti Suzuki sold their car at a Rs.20,000 for a limited period to clear off excess stock, while Hyundai started with a scheme of giving a radio with every purchase of their car. a) Which promotional tool was used by both the companies? b) What promotional technique of production did Maruti apply? c) What promotional technique of production did Hyundai apply? d) What is the basic purpose of both the companies ? Q2Identify the tool or element of promotion in the following cases : viii) It provides expert advice to the consumers and guides them in purchasing goods. ix) It is a non paid form of impersonal communication. x) It induces people to try new products as they are either offered at low price or given as free samples. xi) It is highly flexible as message can be adjusted as per situation. xii) It is paid form of non personal presentation by an identified sponsor. Q3 It is the process whereby they sort the products on the basis of different sizes , qualities , moisture content and so on. Name the process. Q4 How is a need different from want ? Q5 What kind of ‘market offer’ is judged good ? Q6 Sehaj, Jassi, Ranpreet and Mannu just after completing their MBA in different specializations decided to start a new venture. They all decided to pool the ideas to arrive at the best product they should produce and sell. Sehaj was of the opinion that India is a vast market and they should produce goods at large scale. Jassi belongs to a well off family opined that customers in India are becoming quality conscious, so they should focus on the quality of the product. Ranpreet, shared his idea that customers don’t have time to bother to find the product what they like, rather it is better to make a thorough research to find the needs of the customers first and produce the product accordingly. Mannu says that to survive in the long run, it is essential to sell aggressively to in the initial years and quality can be maintained later. (a) Identify what marketing philosophies these students hold. (b) According to your viewpoint, whose approach you feel best should be followed in the present scenario of the customers in the Indian market. Justify with reason.
Asked by ajbro2007arush 2nd July 2020, 11:57 AM

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