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(a) Why did Mendel select garden pea plant (Pisum Sativum) for his experiment on heredity? Write two reasons.

(b) Only variations that confer an advantage of an individual organism will survive in a population. Do you agree with this statement? Why?

Asked by Topperlearning User 26th November 2013, 12:32 AM
Answered by Expert

(a) (i) Mendel selected garden pea plant for his experiment on heredity because it is self pollinating and self fertilizing plant so pure lines are easily available. 

(ii) It has many pairs of contrasting characters like tallness and dwarfness for height, white and purple flowers, etc. 

(b) No, as through genetic drift some variations with no advantage also survive, hence, it is wrong to say that only variations can confer an advantage of an individual organism will survive in a population. 

Answered by Expert 26th November 2013, 2:32 AM
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