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Friction Worksheet

Objective Type Questions

  1. Fill in the blanks:
    Static friction is ___________ than sliding friction.

  2. Analogy:
    Greater than sliding friction: _______ :: Lesser than sliding friction: Rolling friction

  3. Unscramble the given words based on the clues given:

  4. State whether the statement is true or false:
    Friction can completely be eliminated by making the surface perfectly smooth.

    Multiple Choice Questions
  5. Whenever the surfaces in contact tend to move or move with respect to each other, the force of friction comes into play
    (a) only if the objects are solid
    (b) only if one of the two objects is liquid
    (c) only if one of the two objects is gaseous
    (d) irrespective of whether the objects are solids, liquids or gases.
  6. To sharpen the blade of a knife by rubbing it against a surface, which of the following will be most suitable?
    (a) Stone
    (b) Plastic block
    (c) Wooden block
    (d) Glass block
  7. Amit is playing with a toy car. It is released with some initial speed. The car will travel farthest on
    (a) muddy surface
    (b) polished marble surface
    (c) cemented surface
    (d) brick surface
  8. If we apply oil to door hinges, the friction will
    (a) Increase
    (b) decrease
    (c) disappear altogether
    (d) will remain unchanged

  9. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
    (a) Friction acts on a ball rolling along the ground
    (b) Friction acts on a boat moving on water
    (c) Friction acts on a bicycle moving on a smooth road
    (d) Friction does not act on a ball moving through air

    Subjective Questions

  10. What is the force responsible for wearing out bicycle tyres?
  11. Give one example where ball bearings are used.
  12. Give three examples of a streamlined body.
  13. Will the force of friction come into play when a raindrop rolls down a glass windowpane?
  14. Is friction a foe or friend?
  15. What do you mean by fluid friction? How can fluid friction be reduced?
  16. Why do the soles of the shoes have grooves?
  17. Can static friction also produce heat when two bodies try to slide over one another?
    Assertion-Reasoning Questions

    Below questions consist of two statements – Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Answer these questions selecting the appropriate option given below:
  18. Assertion: Fine powder is sprinkled on the carrom board to increase the friction.
    Reason: Friction is a self-adjusting force.

  19. Assertion: Fluid friction can be reduced by giving suitable shapes to the bodies moving in it.
    Reason: Gases and liquids are called fluids.

    Case-Based Questions

  20. In a large commercial center, there are four paths to reach the main road. One of the paths has mud, the second is laid with polished marble, the third is laid with granite and the fourth has a gravel surface. It is raining heavily, and Surbhi wishes to reach the main road.
    (a) The path on which Surbhi is least likely to slip is
    (i) muddy surface
    (ii) polished marble
    (iii) granite
    (iv) gravel surface
    (b) Give a reason for the selection of the choice of option in part (a).
    (c) In which direction does the force of friction act?
    (d) What is friction?

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