Asked by Sudharm | 20th Nov, 2016, 04:08: PM

Expert Answer:

  1. Referring to the color wheel above, it is evident that red and green colour lie on opposite side. 
  2. That means there is no possible parallax  between these colours. 
  3. The brain intercepts colours which are relative to each other.
  4. The contrast between red and green enables for a surgeon to look out for blood oozing out during a surgery. 
  5. Cones in our eyes are the cells responsible to sense a coloured vision.
  6. When the surgeons look continuously at the red color of a patients blood (during a surgery), it lowers the sensitivity of  their cones in the eye, which makes it difficult for them to recognize and rectify the injuries sufered by a patient.
  7. This desensitisation does not occur when a surgeon switches the vision from the green color of their attire/scrub to the red coloured injury.
  8. Therefore looking at green attire and scrubs during the surgery preserves the sensitivity of the eye to red and this is the reason why surgeons wear green coloured attire and scrubs.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 21st Nov, 2016, 10:11: AM