why did the schools becomes an important place for political and cultural battles in Vietnam?

Asked by JUHI | 2nd Jul, 2014, 08:56: PM

Expert Answer:

The French had sought to consolidate their hold over Vietnam through the control of education and dissemination of their politically motivated propaganda. They sought to control the values, norms and perceptions of the Vietnamese people, to make them accept the supposed superiority of French civilisation and the inferiority of their own. The emerging class of educated Vietnamese, however, realised that giving in to such a skewed view of history and culture would do incalculable harm to the collective psyche and self image of their countrymen. As a result, they fought against such a view. The teachers and students in the schools opened by the French refused to accept the official rhetoric blindly. Sometimes they opposed openly, like in the case of the Saigon Native Girls School, and sometimes there was silent resistance. The Vietnamese teachers refused to toe the official line. They quietly modified the curriculum and criticised what was stated. This encouraged students to rise up in protest despite opposition from the colonial government and the traditional elite. They formed political parties like the young Annan and published nationalist journals such as the ‘Annanese Student’. As a result, schools gradually became the epicenter of political and cultural struggles in Vietnam.

This question is from the second chapter of CBSE History class 10 and not from the first chapter of Democratic Politics class 10. Kindly provide accurate details of the question in order for us to give an accurate answer.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 4th Jul, 2014, 02:26: PM

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