who was Giuseppe Mazzini

Asked by debasreepartha | 4th Jun, 2021, 10:30: AM

Expert Answer:

Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian revolutionary in 19th century Europe who later became a member of the secret society of the Carbonari. At a young age of 24 in 1831, he was exiled for attempting a revolution in Liguria. To further spread the revolutionary ideas, he founded two more underground societies- ‘Young Italy’ in Marseilles and ‘Young Europe’ in Berne, whose members were like-minded young men from Poland, France, Italy and the German states. Mazzini believed that God had created nations to be the natural units of mankind. Thus, Italy cannot remain divided into various kingdoms. It has to be a single unified republic. Following his example, secret societies were set up in Germany, France, Switzerland and Poland. Mazzini’s opposition to monarchy and his vision of democratic republics scared the conservatives. Metternich described him as ‘the most dangerous enemy of our social order’.

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