who discovered the cathode and anode rays??and what was the drawback to discover it..

Asked by ujjwalviky2003 | 6th Nov, 2017, 09:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Discovery of Cathode rays
Cathode rays are also called as electron beam. They were first obsreved in 1869 by John Wilhelm Hittorf, a German Physicist and were named by Eugen Goldstein as Kathodenstrahlen or cathode rays, in 1876.
In 1897 J.J. Thomson showed that cathode rays were composed of previously unknown negatively charged particles which were later named as electrons.
Discovery of Anode rays
Anode rays are also called as positive rays or canal rays. They were first observed in 1886, in Crooks tubes during experiment by Eugen Goldstein. Further developments were made by Wilhelm Wein and J.J. Thomson.

Answered by Varsha | 7th Nov, 2017, 10:19: AM