what is weathering ? how weathering helps in soil formation ?

Asked by tinu1972 | 24th Jul, 2015, 06:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Weathering is the gradual destruction of rock under surface conditions (temperature, humidity, rainfall etc). Weathering may involve physical processes (mechanical weathering), chemical activity (chemical weathering) or it may take place due to the actions of plants, animals and microbes (biological weathering).
Soil is formed when rocks are contineusely broken down by weathering. Weathering creates deposits of altered and loosened material, called residue. When this residue becomes finer, it results in the formation of soil. This residue may also be transported by the agents of gradation like water and wind. When this transported material (loosened rock materials) is deposited by the agents of gradation, it becomes soil. Soil formation is a slow process and it takes millions of years for the formation of top soil.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 25th Jul, 2015, 07:40: PM

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