what is the lewis dot structure of mgcl2

Asked by Rohit | 27th Oct, 2012, 07:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Lewis dot structures aren't drawn for ionic compounds, such as MgCl2. Because there aren't any shared electron pairs in an ionic compound. Lewis structure are only drawn for molecular compounds, atoms, or some individual ions.

If we want to visualize a chloride ion (Cl -), it's Lewis structure will show Cl with complete octet. You typically also want to surround the Lewis structure with square brackets and indicate the charge in the upper right corner. Most books would show the Lewis structure of a Mg2+ ion as just Mg with no valence electrons . This is because Mg has 2 valence electrons...when you have a +2 charge, you remove the 2 valence electrons.

There aren't any bonding electrons in MgCl2.

Answered by  | 27th Oct, 2012, 10:01: PM

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