What is electroplating? How will you carry out electroplating of copper in the laboratory. 

Asked by gspublicschool | 20th Mar, 2019, 11:23: AM

Expert Answer:

Electroplating is one of the chemical effects of electric current.
It is the process of depositing a layer of the desired metal on another material by electricity.
It is done to make metals shiny

Example: Chromium plating is done on many objects such as car parts, bathroom taps, kitchen gas burners, bicycle handlebars and wheel rims.


Process of Electroplating:

In electroplating, a metal salt solution is taken in a container. 

The salt of the metal which is to be coated over another metal is chosen.

The metal to be coated is dipped in the solution and connected to the negative pole.
The metal desired for coating is connected to the positive pole (anode).

When an electric current is passed through the solution, the metal from the anode is
dissolved in the salt solution and deposited over the negative pole (cathode).

Thus, a coating of the desired metal is obtained on another metal. 

Answered by Varsha | 20th Mar, 2019, 02:38: PM