What is cyclone

Asked by santanukumardash457 | 22nd May, 2020, 07:45: PM

Expert Answer:

A cyclone is a huge and powerful storm. It consists of a low pressure area with high pressure all around. High speed winds go around the centre violently and are accompanied by heavy rains.

Structure of a Cyclone

The centre of a cyclone is called the eye of the storm. This is a calm region.

The diameter of the eye varies from 10-30 km. This region is free of clouds and has light winds.

Around this clear eye there is a cloud region of about 150 km. In this region, there are high-speed winds and thick clouds with heavy rains.

As we move away from this region, the wind speed decreases.

Answered by Ramandeep | 22nd May, 2020, 08:43: PM