what are the three kinds of fibre

Asked by qwertyannu1985 | 9th Jul, 2021, 07:31: PM

Expert Answer:

There are two types of fibre, viz. natural and man-made or synthetic.

  1. Natural fibers: Fibres obtained from natural resources are called natural fibres. Natural fibers are obtained from plants and animals, such as jute, cotton, wool, silk, etc.
  2. Man-made fibers: Fibers that are synthesized in laboratory are called man-made fiber or synthetic fibre, such as terrylene, terry-cotton, acrylic, etc.

Types of Natural fibers:

  1. Plant Fiber: Fiber obtained from plants is called plant fiber. For example – cotton, jute, flex, etc.
  2. Animal Fiber: Fiber obtained from animals is called animal fiber. For example: wool and silk.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 12th Jul, 2021, 12:21: PM