Two trains A and B start moving at the same time. The distance travelled by them in given intervals of time are given below. 

Plot the Distance- time graph for the motion of two trains. State which train has uniform motion and which train has non- Uniform motion.

Also Plot Speed- time graph after calculating the speed of the two trains at different time intervals.

Asked by prajitvip | 8th Jun, 2020, 06:03: PM

Expert Answer:

From graph, it is clear that train A is in uniform motion 
From above graph, we can say that train B is in non -uniform motion. 
Speed - tim egraph of train A shows that it moves with constant speed i.e. 40 km/h 
Speed - time graph for train B is as follows: -  

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 10th Jun, 2020, 04:34: PM