this ques. is of 10 marks. so what r the proper steps involved ?

Asked by ayushikas | 30th Apr, 2010, 08:42: AM

Expert Answer:


Arrange the given numbers for multiplication as shown in figure, the boxes show the digits we should find.

As we can see we need 2 at unit place in the final answer and this will come from 9Xa.

Hence a = 8, so that finally we'll have 2 in the unit place. Hence a = 8.

Carry out multiplication by 8, and hence first row of boxes can be replaced now by 7992.

Now we need 3 at the tens place in the final answer, and that'll come from 9 + (9xb) = ***3.

Hence b has to be 6. And now we'll get the second row of boxes.

Similarly complete the multiplication, and final answer is as shown in the figure.




Answered by  | 30th Apr, 2010, 06:10: PM

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