the sides of a right triangle are in a.p prove that there ratio is 3:4:5

Asked by saraza | 29th Nov, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
Let a-d,a,a+d are the three sides of a right triangle
Using Pythagoras theorem,we have
Now sum of the sides is 3a
So for getting this equation one must be given the perimeter
Check this question again
or lets say we assume that the ratio of sides is given'
so 12 k will be the perimeter where k is common term
a=4k ...(i)
a2+d2+2ad=a2-2ad+d2+ a2
4ad =a2
Since a is non zero so a= 4d ...(ii)
From (i) and (ii)
 d =k
i.e sides will be 3k , 4k,5k
Team Topper

Answered by  | 30th Nov, 2010, 09:53: AM

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