The equilibrium constant for the formation of hydrogen iodide according to to given equation is K. H2 + I2 <====> 2HI Find the equilibrium constant in terms of K for the reaction: HI <====> 1/2 H2 + 1/2 I2 Please explain.

Asked by sumandeesinghrana | 12th Oct, 2010, 03:00: PM

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Dear Student
For the reaction
H2 + I2--------> 2HI
K=[HI]2 / [H2] [I2] = 1 ; It means [HI]2 =[H2] [I2]
For the reverse reaction
K'=[H2]1/2 [I2]1/2 /[HI] or we can say K'=[H2] [I2] /[HI]2
K = K'; since from the previous reaction we know that [HI]2 =[H2] [I2]
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