Teachers, can you please explain me how to find the formula for esters with examples.

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Expert Answer:

Esters have the general formula: RCOOR' where R and R' are alkyl groups. They are formed by the reaction of acids with alcohols.
If the ester is formed from alcohol R'OH and acid RCOOH then the formula of ester will be RCOOR' followed by elimination of a water molecule.
For example: CH3COOCH3 - Methyl ethanoate
CH3COOC2H5 - Ethyl ethanoate
While naming esters, use the alcohol group first, in this case ethyl, then the carboxylic acid name second with the -oate ending, in this case ethanoate.
Some other examples of esters:
Ethyl propanoate is formed from ethanol and propanoic acid therefore its formula is CH3CH2COOCH2CH3
Propyl methanoate is formed from propanol and methanoic acid therefore its formula is HCOOCH2CH2CH3

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