suppose two triangles abc and xyz are congruent so what is diference between triangle abc congruent to xyz or cba congruent to yzx. Are they Not Same???

Asked by sugam | 15th Oct, 2013, 10:13: AM

Expert Answer:

Triangle ABC is congruent to traingle XYZ. It means its corresponding parts are equal.
That is,
angle A = angle X
angle B = angle Y
angle C = angle Z
Note that we can also write ABC congruent to XYZ as follows:
BCA congruent to YZX
CAB congruent to ZXY
CBA congruent to ZYX
However, in this case, we cannot say that CBA is congruent to YZX as the corresponding parts may not be equal. AB may not be equal to XZ etc.

Answered by  | 15th Oct, 2013, 11:16: AM

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