Sir / Mam can you please solve this quadratic equation on pythogoras theorem  :- 

 cyclist A moves at a speed of  of x km/h from a place in the eastern direction . cyclist B moves (x+3)km/h from the same place towards the northern direction . if after 2 hours the distance between them is 30 km find the value of x.

Asked by abhi611 | 7th May, 2018, 06:10: PM

Expert Answer:

According to the question,
Cyclist A moves at a speed of x km/h then after 2 hours its distance will be (x/2)2
Similalry cyclist B will cover (x+3)/2 distance after 2 hours.
Using Pythagoras
(x/2) + [(x+3)/2]2 = 302
Solving this quadratic equation you will get the answer.

Answered by Sneha shidid | 8th May, 2018, 02:31: PM