Show that … cosec theta minus 2sin cube theta upon 2cos cube theta minus cos theta is equals to tan theta

Asked by pramoddomarp121 | 26th Sep, 2020, 06:01: PM

Expert Answer:

The question must be:
Show that (sin theta - 2 sin3theta)/(2cos3theta - cos theta) = tan theta
fraction numerator sinθ minus 2 sin cubed straight theta over denominator 2 cos cubed straight theta minus cosθ end fraction equals fraction numerator sinθ open parentheses 1 minus 2 sin squared straight theta close parentheses over denominator open parentheses 2 cos squared straight theta minus 1 close parentheses cosθ end fraction equals fraction numerator sinθ space cos 2 straight theta over denominator cos 2 straight theta space cosθ end fraction equals sinθ over cosθ equals tanθ

Answered by Renu Varma | 28th Sep, 2020, 11:34: AM