sanjay orgabize a birthday party where 1/5 of his guest colleagues 1/3
 where his college mats and the rest were his neighbors. 
find how many office colleagues were there, 
if there were 50 college mates in the party?

Asked by rikeshsindal123 | 18th Jun, 2019, 11:46: PM

Expert Answer:

Party space members
1 fifth rightwards arrow colleagues
1 third rightwards arrow mates
So space neighbours rightwards arrow 1 minus 1 fifth minus 1 third equals 7 over 15
now space let space the space total space number space of space party space members space be space straight x
so comma space number space of space mates
50 equals 1 third straight x
straight x equals 150
colleagues equals 1 fifth cross times 150 equals 30
neighbours space equals 70

Answered by Arun | 20th Jun, 2019, 10:00: AM