respected sir/mam 
my maths exam is on 14 september 2016 i am not fully prepared for it specially in the chapters triangles and polynomials can you give me some tips to score atleast 70 marks above from 90 marks.

Asked by rajivjoshigoldtech | 8th Sep, 2016, 08:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Now triangles and polynomials, both are very important chapters cause the geometry unit carries 37 marks, while polynomias itself carries 25 marks. So, let me give you the important topics from here so that at least you can focus on those topics. In polynomials, finding the zeroes of a polynomial is very important. Also, go through questions based on factor theorem or remainder theorem. These usually do come. You can alternate geometry and polynomials days. So, the next day you could do triangles. In triangles, just go through the statements as in the Congruence criteria. Now, go through the proof of ASA congruence criterion and the theorem, 'The angles opposite to equal sides of a triangle are equal.' Practise questions on 'triangle inequalities'. In this unit, the chapter lines and angles is very very important specially the topic parallel lines and questions based on the same.
PS: Please do polynomials at least what I have told you. If you get time, go through the algebraic identities in this chapter. But this is a very important chapter. All the best!!

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 9th Sep, 2016, 07:09: AM