Rahul have Rs.50000. He give 4:2 to his son and daughter. How much money did he give to his son and daughter? 

Asked by priyanshuraval1207.7sdatl | 12th May, 2020, 06:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Rahul gave 4:2 to his son and daughter.
The total money is Rs. 50000
Let a be the common quantity in the ratio.
Therefore, 4a+2a=50000
Money given to Rahul's son is 4a = 4 x 8333.33 = Rs. 33333.33
Money given to Rahul's daughter is 2a = 2 x 8333.33 = Rs. 16666.67

Answered by Renu Varma | 12th May, 2020, 07:17: PM