Plz answer.

Asked by ardas1994 | 17th Sep, 2010, 12:27: PM

Expert Answer:

We know that,
Hence, We can write the equation according to the question as:
Make a ratio of the corresponding Arrhenius equations, canceling the Ko as instructed:
k(cat) / k(uncat) = e-(Ea/RT)cat / e-(Ea/RT)uncat

Just substitute:
R=8.314472 J/K-mol
T=293.15 K for T
Ea=20000 J/mol for E(cat)
Ea=75000 J/mol for E(uncat)
We can obtain:
k(cat) / k(uncat) = e-(20000/8.314*293)cat/e-(75000/8.314*293)uncat=6339083268.076277

Answered by  | 17th Sep, 2010, 01:26: PM

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