Please make mole concept a little clear to me. And please give me the definations of 1 mole , valency , charge of ions and Avogadro number.

Asked by DHIRENDRA | 22nd Nov, 2017, 04:23: PM

Expert Answer:


Valency denotes the combining capacity of the atom of an element. It is equal to the number of electrons an atom can donate or accept or share.

It is determined by the number of valence electrons present in the outermost shell.

Charge of ions:

An ion or radical is an atom or a group of atoms of the same or different elements which behave as a single unit with a positive or negative charge on it.

Positive radicals:

These have a positive charge and are also called cations.

Negative radicals:

These have a negative charge and are also called anions.
For mole concept please click on below link

Answered by Varsha | 22nd Nov, 2017, 04:53: PM