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ICSE Class 10 Answered

Please help with this question!!
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Asked by amrutiyavishwa | 16 Feb, 2019, 11:53: AM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
(i) The instrument is the clinostat.
(ii) The horizontal clinostat consists of a disc attached to a motor. An electric motor is used. The disc is held vertically and the motor rotates it slowly at rates in the order of one revolution per minute. A plant is attached to the disc so that it is held horizontally. The slow rotation means that the plant experiences a gravitational pull that is averaged over 360 degrees. 
(iii) Approximately, after 5 days, instead of the root growing in response to the Earth's gravity, it grows in response to this centripetal force and outwards from the centre of the clinostat.
(iv)Geotropism is the growth movement by a plant due to gravity.Because the plant roots usually show positive geotropism and stems show negative geotropism.
Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 17 Feb, 2019, 02:40: PM
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