please explain what is saponification with some example  in lucid language

Asked by ppratim02 | 6th Oct, 2014, 04:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Saponification is the hydrolysis of an ester under acidic or basic conditions to form an alcohol and the salt of a carboxylic acid. Saponification is commonly used to refer to the reaction of a metallic alkali (base) with a fat or oil to form soap. 


Ethanoic acid reacts with alcohols in the presence of a conc. sulphuric acid to form esters.

C2H5OH  + CH3COOH    →    CH3COOC2H5    + H2O
The ester, on treating with a base such as NaOH is converted back to alcohol and sodium salt of carboxylic acid. The reaction is known as saponification because it is used in the manufacture of soap.
CH3COOC2H5  + NaOH  →   C2H5OH   + CH3COONa


Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 6th Oct, 2014, 07:56: PM

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