Please answer the following questions in suitable points from:

 Chapter -1 (Civics)

                          POWER  SHARING

1.  What is the ethnic composition of Belgium?

2.  How did Belgium accommodate its diverse population?

3.  What is the ethnic composition of Sri-Lanka? Name two subgroups of Tamils in Sri-Lanka?

4.  What do you understand by the system of ‘Majoritarianism’? Name a country which followed the policy of ‘Majoritarianism’.

5.  What is ‘power sharing’? Why do it desirable in democracy?

6.  What do you mean by ‘civil war’? Explain through example.

7.  What do you understand by ‘community government’? Which country adopted the system of community government and Why?

8.  What do you understand by ‘coalition government’? How do coalition government suitable for power sharing?

9.  Write the different forms of ‘power sharing’ in modern democracies? Give an example of each of this.

10.      What do you understand by ‘federal division of power’?

11.      What do you understand by the system of the check and balance of a democratic government?

12.      What was the system of Belgium earlier? What changes were introduced thereafter and with what results?

13.      Why is the idea of power sharing emerged?

14.      Describe the Majoritarian measures taken by the leaders of Sinhala community to establish their supremacy?

15.      “Power is shared between different social groups.” Comment on this statement with the help of an example.

16.      What does ‘Ethnic’means?

17.      Why did Sri-Lankan Tamils feel alienated from Sinhalese?

18.      What was the result of civil war un Sri-Lanka?

19.      Is it possible to change the power sharing arrangement ?If so how?

20.      Explain the drawbacks of ‘Majoritarianism’.

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Expert Answer:

Ans 1.
The ethnic composition of Belgium makes up for an interesting study. 59% of its total population lives in the Flemish region and speaks Dutch. Another 40% lives in the Wallonia region and speaks French. The remainder of the population (1%) speaks German. In the capital city as well, there is ethnic diversity. In Brussels, 80% people speak French while 20% speak Dutch.
Kindly ask the rest of the questions as separate queries.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 18th Jun, 2015, 06:19: PM

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