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Q.1.(b) If magnification of mirror is positive, the image formed is virtual and erect
Q.2. (c) No matter how far you stand in front of the spherical mirror the image appears erect, the mirror is convex mirror. 
Note: - Here in Q.2. the answer may have been (d) i.e. either convex or plane if it was not mentioned that the mirror in front of which the person is standing is spherical mirror. But in the question it is mentioned that the mirror is spherical mirror so the answer has to be convex mirror. Else, note that the erect image is formed by plane mirror as well. But plane mirror is not type of spherical mirror hence the answer is option (c) which is convex mirror. 
Q.3. (c) Equal to 2f 
When the object is placed in front of concave mirror at radius of curvature R, which is equal to twice the focal length i.e. R = 2f, the image formed in this case is real, inverted, of same size as that of object and at radius of curvature itself. Thus, the correct option is (c) i.e. equal to 2f 
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