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ICSE Class 9 Answered

On 1 page of Selina Concise Biology Revised Edition for Class IX it is mentioned that tissue respiration means the diffusion of gases and cellular respiration means chemical change occuring inside the cell. BUT on another page it is written that tissue respiration is a chemical process. Which is correct  ? Is tissue respiration a physical or a chemical process ?  What is the difference between cellular and tissue respiration ??  
Asked by kalpanasingh.uto | 03 Oct, 2019, 01:24: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
  • The term tissue respiration denotes the exchange of respiratory gases within an aggregation of cells in the course of the biological oxidation of nutrients.
  • The oxygen received by the cells from the capillary blood is consumed in oxidative metabolism, and at the same time the metabolic end product carbon dioxide is released into the capillary blood.
  • Here ‘tissue respiration’ is defined as the oxidative breakdown of nutrients with the participation of molecular oxygen.
  • It comprises of breathing and the oxidation of food in the cells collectively forming tissues.
  • Breathing involves diffusion of gases while oxidation of food involves chemicals.
  • So, tissue respiration is a physico-chemical process.
Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 03 Oct, 2019, 04:26: PM
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