May I get some tips to solve the "Prove" questions?

Asked by aaryamehta46 | 10th Apr, 2017, 09:03: PM

Expert Answer:

There is no such trick. But there is a way to get a hang of solving such problems.
First of make a list of all the formulas to be used in a chapter where such problems occur. You maybe talking with respect to Trigonometrical Identities. 
Convert all the tan, cot, cosec, sec into either sin or cos. OR Convert all into just one of them. 
Try to observe the RHS while you are working on the LHS.
Try to get either the RHS in terms of the LHS or vice-versa. OR  Try to get both LHS and RHS in terms of either sin or cos.
For such problems practice as much you can.
Take a time bound and try to  solve the problem in the stipulated time, even if you take more time, don't get anxious. 
Try to see which of these could you have in terms of the other. Recall your formualas while you do so.
Or try to get everything in terms of sin or cos.

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 11th Apr, 2017, 08:51: AM