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CBSE Class 12-commerce Answered

Hello Sir 
I didn't start my accountancy project yet because my accountancy teacher didn't tell me that what we have to do. 
So sir please explain me that what is in this project and also tell that who will give the question or the case study for the project. What accounts I have to prepare ?
Asked by Shruti | 08 Nov, 2017, 05:54: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
The project work included in our course has to be prepared strictly according to the guidelines of CBSE. Accordingly, every student is required to work on at least 3 types of projects incl;uding one comprehensive project and specific project covering use of any two tools of financial statement analysis.
CBSE publishes its own reference material to help the students understand the content and context of the project. You may refer to the support material available at the website of CBSE or in major textbooks. The case study that you need to use is according to you. You may presume any business has started and entered in various transactions for which you are required to do complete accounting starting from Journal till final accounts. However, we would like to mention few important points that you should focus on while preparing the project.

(i) Give a brief introduction about the topic
(ii) Mention the aim and objective of project
(iii) Provide a brief review of the companies in context of your objective of study
(iv) Do mention about the resources/materials referred
(v) What is the research methodology used (refer to the tools of accounting)
(vi) Mention your observations and results of analysis
(vii) Conclusion
(viii) Bibliography, stating the names of books, magazines or website.
(ix) Include graphs, line-diagrams, pie-charts, histograms, etc to make your project report more presentable and easy to understand.
(x) Assumptions (if any) should be mentioned.
Answered by Nikhil Sehgal | 09 Nov, 2017, 10:11: AM
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