it is told that velocity is the speed of an abject in an specific direction,but please clarify the reference point according to which the direction is stated

Asked by lokhhi | 25th Jun, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Velocity is a vector, and hence it has a direction associated with it along with the magnitude.
When you say that you are driving your car at 100 kms per hour, that is speed, which can be in any direction.
But for velocity you need to assign a proper direction with the magnitude.
Direction may require a reference point or different axes, when you are travelling in a line you can specify the direction with reference to a point,
but you are moving in a plane, you need two perpendicular axese to define your direction ( as X and Y axis)
similarly moving in space requires 3 axes ( X, Y and Z)

Answered by  | 16th Jul, 2010, 03:43: PM

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