In the video introduction to functions ( 2 part) shankar sir has given an example of clothes, in that example plz tell me how it is an onto function ? thnx

Asked by shiv nandan | 19th Aug, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
The situation given in the episode was
A tailor after having stitched a few clothes wants to display them in the show-window of his shop. He takes out a few hangers and starts to arrange clothes on them. He puts shirts on the blue hangers, trousers on the red and jackets on the yellow hanger.
Now considering the pile of clothes to be one set and the stack of hangers another.
The correspondence between the set of clothes and the set of hangers is indeed a function. We can also say that it’s a one-one function and also an onto function. That is so, for a simple reason that every hanger has one garment or the other assigned to it i.e no hanger is left out, and also, if we take two different hangers there are two different garments assigned to them.
  So by definition it’s a one–one function and onto as well.


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