in case of an object moving with uniform velocity, the average velocity as per NCERT book is (U+V) /2. While as per your solution in the generated test taken on 24.07.2017, the average velocity is [u+v] / t  in the question related to sum of average velocity and acceleration. 
please clarify which is correct and why.

Asked by ashishmaskara | 24th Jul, 2017, 10:25: PM

Expert Answer:

- The average of anything is the sum of those quantities, divided by the number of those quantities.
- If 'u' is the initial velocity and 'v' is the final velocity, then their average is
begin mathsize 12px style fraction numerator straight u plus straight v over denominator 2 end fraction end style
- The velocities may be expressed in capital alphabets or smaller alphabets, but the logic of the average velocity remains same.
- Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity with respect to time, that is
begin mathsize 12px style straight a equals fraction numerator straight v minus straight u over denominator straight t end fraction end style
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Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 25th Jul, 2017, 04:37: PM