In a hydraulic machine a force of 0.6N acts normally on a smaller piston of area 0.2 square metre. The force that acts on the larger piston whose area ia 200 sq m will be-
a) 60gf
b)60 kg wt
d)60 N

Asked by adityaahuja099 | 16th Oct, 2017, 01:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Pressure = Force / Area 
pressure under smaller piston begin mathsize 12px style equals space fraction numerator 0.6 over denominator 0.2 end fraction space equals space 3 space N m to the power of negative 2 end exponent end style 
 Force on 200 sq.m area piston is = 3 x 200 = 600 N = 60 kg wt

Answered by  | 16th Oct, 2017, 04:30: PM