if alpha space a n d space beta space a r e space t w o space z e r o e s space o f space a space q u a d r a t i c space p o l y n o m i a l space 3 x squared minus x minus 4 space comma space t h e n space t h e space v a l u e space o f space 1 over alpha plus 1 over beta.

Asked by sarithamunnam | 12th Jun, 2019, 06:05: PM

Expert Answer:

Since α and β are the zeros of the Quadratic Polynomial.
α + β = -b/a
αβ = c/a
We have,
3x2 - x - 4
Here a = 3, b = -1 and c = -4
α + β = -b/a = -(-1)/3 = 1/3
αβ = c/a = -4/ 3
begin mathsize 16px style To space find colon
1 over straight alpha space plus space 1 over straight beta space
equals space fraction numerator straight alpha space plus straight beta space over denominator αβ end fraction
equals space 1 third space divided by space fraction numerator negative 4 over denominator 3 end fraction
equals 1 third space cross times space fraction numerator 3 over denominator negative 4 end fraction
equals space minus 1 fourth end style

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 13th Jun, 2019, 10:18: AM