If the distance travelled by the body is given by 2s=10t+2t^2 then the find acceleration the body is?

Asked by ramesh.gaganchapa | 9th Oct, 2019, 05:27: PM

Expert Answer:

The distance travelled is,
2s = 10 t + 2t2 ... (1)
We know, the second equation of motion is given as, 
s space equals space u t plus space 1 half a t squared ... (2)
Thus, equation (1) can be written as, 
s space equals space fraction numerator 10 t over denominator 2 end fraction plus 1 half left parenthesis 2 right parenthesis space t squared space space space... left parenthesis 3 right parenthesis 
Comparing equation (2) and (3), we get, 
acceleration, a = 2 m/s2 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 10th Oct, 2019, 12:50: PM