If an object is changing its velocity at uniform rate from u to v taken time t , what will be the sum of average velocities and acceleration?

Asked by ashishmaskara | 25th Jul, 2017, 03:25: PM

Expert Answer:

-The initial velocity is 'u' and the final velocity is 'v', the time taken for this change in velocity is 't' seconds.
-The average of the above velocities is given by
 begin mathsize 12px style Average space Velocity equals fraction numerator straight u plus straight v over denominator 2 end fraction space straight m divided by straight s end style
-Acceleration is the rate of change of velocities with respect to time. In other words, it is the ratio of change in velocity (v-u) to the time.
Average acceleration is given by
begin mathsize 12px style straight a equals fraction numerator straight v minus straight u over denominator straight t end fraction end style
-Therefore, their sum is simply the addition of the above two equations

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 25th Jul, 2017, 04:30: PM