i have to make a project on voice box or larynx .can you tell me how i can make a working model for it

Asked by kanav2001 | 3rd Oct, 2017, 05:16: PM

Expert Answer:

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You can make a working model of larynx using card paper. You can even use clay for stable model. You need to have a reference picture of larynx highlighting the different functional areas of laynx. A working model of the larynx which uses a hand pump to force air across two closely-apposed rubber sheets (i.e. vocal cords) to make a sound would be ideal. Refer to the online science activities and experiments section to understand the step-by-step demo of creating a working model.

Things you can do with the model:

  • Use the model to generate different pitches/ how do get low/ high tones
  • Use the pictures to illustrate how the larynx works and things that can go wrong with it...
  • Understand what is the larynx? Where is it located? What does it do?

Topperlearning Team.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 3rd Oct, 2017, 06:52: PM