(i) A 30 cm scale has one end broken. The mark at the broken end is 2.6 cm. How would you use it to measure the length of your pencil?

(ii) Write any two precautions that are a must while measuring.

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Expert Answer:

(i) The mark at the broken end is 2.6 cm. So, we will use the scale from the next full mark i.e. 3 cm. We now measure the length of the pencil by keeping the 3 cm mark of the scale at its left end. The 3 cm value is then subtracted from the scale reading at the right side end of the pencil to obtain the correct length of the pencil.

(ii) (1) Place the scale in contact with object along its length.

(2) Your eye must be exactly in front of the point where the measurement is to be taken.

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