How the outermost part of seed coat od a monocot seed, testa help in the germination of seed?


Asked by catch.vishnu03 | 28th Jun, 2019, 09:33: PM

Expert Answer:

  • A protective shell, called a seed coat or testa, surrounds the embryonic plant. 
  • Dry seeds are dormant seeds. Water softens the testa to make it easier for the embryonic plant to sprout. 
  • In case of embryonic tomato plants growth hormones called gibberellins are produced during germination.
  • Gibberellins help weaken the endosperm and testa so that the embryonic plant can sprout.
  • The radicle is the first part to push through the softened testa and the cotyledons emerge next.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 29th Jun, 2019, 01:44: PM